Michael Noel Wallace is a visionary artist who has been producing fine works of art since childhood. He is well known for his murals and fine oils on canvas and has a passion to bring into reality the visions within and to make Life a work of Art.



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“I enjoy that my clients have their own ideas and vision. I like feeling their energy as they describe what they want with hand gestures and vague descriptions and I enjoy even more, making their visions come true. I love that when I pick up a paintbrush and apply it to a surface, what happens next is a direct connection into other worlds where I can go places and bring back images.”

Michael is available to paint your visions in your home, on the sides of buildings, and on canvas. For more information and bookings, email michaelnoelwallace77@gmail.com

“My message with my art is to travel in the self; to imagine, to build bridges in belief ... and dreams.”

copyright 2012 Michael Noel Wallace